Employers today realize that effective programs and claims management not only helps to avoid risk, but also saves money, and all while promoting a very caring environment for your employees.

We provide our services to medium and large employers across Canada. We work in every province and territory and have senior level knowledge that is affordable and at your reach. In our continued effort to provide you with the highest levels of quality and professional service, we have developed in house expertise or partnered with only the most reputable and well-researched associates in a wide variety of fields across the country.

Whether you are seeking value-added safety training, equipment, expert medical assessors or treatment facilities, we can help.

Non-Occupation Disability Management

Non-Occupational disability management is something CIMS has assisted employers with for decades. Your business today is likely feeling an even greater impact of increased absence related to current societal issues like workforce shortages, the aging workforce, and the recognition of increased mental health matters.  If so, you should consider your disability management program and the services CIMS can offer.

The issues related to absences are both complex and the management of them is time consuming.  CIMS has a full team of case managers that can act on a client’s behalf or support as an extension to your efforts, supporting your team and helping your employee on their journey to wellness and recovery. Our experienced disability management team will help reduce lost time, facilitate treatment program access, and assist you in your attempts to reduce costs, administration and durations.

Our highly qualified and experienced team at CIMS will assist with our holistic approach to employee wellness, but should something unfortunate occur resulting in disability, illness or lost time, your case manager will be the advisor throughout the journey of recovery.

CIMS will use strategies that reflect your culture of caring and CIMS will continually ensure treatment moves forward in a timely manner.  Your case manager will consider the employees ability to partake in meaningful work as part of the recovery process to alleviate the stress that comes with being off work and worrying about the future.

When they are able to return to the workplace, CIMS will provide recommendations on how best to facilitate a smooth reintroduction to the workplace while advising all parties on their legislative responsibility to participate in the process.

  Workplace Injury and WSB Claims

CIMS’s role is to assist Employers in building policy and processes that allows for the fair and consistent handling of all Employees. Having the claims managed by CIMS provides confidence to the Employee that the medical information they provide is truly confidential.

CIMS has developed a system of reporting for smaller employers who have not yet formalized their in-house processes. For large and specialized business, we believe the program should be customized to capture appropriate prevention strategies, initiatives, regional disparities, and business cultures. Our internal systems ensure that everything is dealt with according to government legislation while ensuring any questions regarding prevention, claims management and rehabilitation are addressed from the onset.

Not all organizations want third party claims management. For that reason, CIMS has developed an audit/assessment of the claims management program you have in place. We find risks for the organization, then recommend programs alterations, training needs, and legal language matters. The assessment will give upper management, directors and Board members confidence that not only are things being handled effectively, but that the organization is acting within legislative authorities.

This full assessment will cover timelines, best practices, knowledge levels, use of appropriate authorizations, privacy, utilization and methods of medical management, and comprehension of workers compensation policy etc. If risks are determined, they will be brought to the attention of Senior Management if the risk is great. Our highly qualified specialists each come with a variety of experiences in workers compensation, insurance, legal, kinesiology and rehabilitation. They work with employers, treatment providers, government agencies and insurers to ensure your employees get the appropriate treatment required to promote their recovery. We promote early return to work as part of the recovery and promotes ongoing recovery in the process. This team calls for medical opinions and regularly case conference on the more complex cases to ensure the best possible result.

Our highly experienced team of specialists is committed to providing your employees with fair and consistently managed programs that utilize medical management and return to work planning for both occupational and non-occupational injury and illness.
To determine ability levels, expected recovery timelines, treatment, or appropriate return to work planning, insurers and/or employers will often require Independent Medical Opinion (IME) or measurement (FCE), and increasingly access to mental health care and assessments. In some cases, an Employer may be dealing with challenging matters that involve arbitrators or hearings officers. CIMS’s arms-length approach helps all parties involved remain confident that a fair and consistency approach is applied to these types of matters. When there is a need for functional testing or independent medical opinion, CIMS has available a cross-Canada directory of trusted professionals and their medical specialty.
Recovery is an ongoing process. The Canadian medical system is already burdened, which in itself can be a delaying factor to recovery. CIMS’s CDMPs monitor and take every reasonable step to ensure care seamlessly continues without delay. CIMS tracks treatment, and measures outcomes, on an ongoing basis. They discuss progress with the Employee and follow-up with the treating professionals. Frequent personalized letters allow for individual progress updates and asks that specific considerations be provided. CIMS will discuss options, suggest testing, and through an empathetic and personalized approach, build the trust from the parties that is necessary to be successful.
The team of experienced professionals at CIMS guide the process, determine ability levels and advise the employer of functional and cognitive ability levels that assist in determining if a meaningful position can be safely offered as required by the Human Rights Code. Included in this process will be any third-party language, such as union contracts or policy language. CIMS’s Case Managers, CDMP’s, and Kinesiologists will provide input to ensure the return-to-work is safe and allows progression to maximum recovery. When permanent limitations are determined, every consideration is made to assist in identifying and offering a permanent position, while assisting to meet the legal requirements.
Canadian Injury Management Services can assist your organization in understanding the gaps and bottlenecks in your program and report back with recommendations to improve process and performance. CIMS will help you to understand what specific training requirements are required and we can assist you in putting them in place. We will help you to build effective training programs suited to your needs and targeted to your audience as required.

CIMS has developed course materials for all workplace parties, (Claims Managers, Supervisors, Senior Management Teams, Employees, Boards of Directors and Unions), and will tailor these programs to your particular workplace and your culture.
Many companies hire us specifically to assess their program so that they can improve their performance! This always starts with an assessment of current documentation, process mapping, and assessment of knowledge and skill base of key participants. It considers where you are in terms of your business structure, and builds on your program to ensure results based on best practices.

The end result is a program that considers legislative authority/policy (legal practices, privacy legislation, human rights, safety, union contracts etc.) and considers best practices for a business of your size and culture. We believe the difference Canadian Injury Management Services bring to this exercise is our belief that there are no cookie cutter solutions. You are buying expertise, and a made to measure end result considering all your variables.

This element has been our greatest success story, and the key to our referral business, as it results in reduced risk, measurable dollar savings, a better program that is fair and consistent for all workplace parties, and the end result is that it help maintain a continually improving workplace culture, allowing for an effective management of your business.

What our clients say!

Cementation Canada Inc. retains the services of Canadian Injury Management Services as responsible for our WCB claims management across Canada.

We are confident in CIMS’s ability as they have both the knowledge and expertise to advise us on a broad spectrum of issues, from human rights to legislation, which in turn has assisted us in making meaningful business decisions.  In the time we have worked together, Cementation has seen tangible financial gains by way of cost recoveries and they have played an active role in reducing the frequency and severity of workplace injuries.

Steve Wrixon
General Manager – HSE and Recruitment
Cementation Canada Inc.