Canadian Injury Management Services (CIMS) is a firm whose expertise is focused on disability and absence management, and workers’ compensation challenges.
We carefully balance a client’s insurance and legislative obligations while ensuring effective treatment programs are utilized. Our goal is to expedite recovery with proper care, understanding that a return to work is part of the recovery process.

CIMS specializes in employee recovery management and absenteeism program management, ensuring all workplace parties meet their obligations throughout the process. Our objective is to assist in providing employers with a process that is fair and consistent in the approach, while recognizing the unique needs identified through a holistic method that considers both mind and body.

The CIMS team encompasses a wealth of experience and knowledge in various areas. Our team includes certified professionals including Disability Management, Safety Consultants, Kinesiologists, Human Resource Professionals, and Social Workers. The team is highly skilled at policy writing, arranging medical and functional treatment and testing, and in providing specialized advice to complex matters.

CIMS works in cooperation with the workplace parties, treating agents, and decision makers from compensation boards and insurance companies across Canada.

CIMS drives value for employers

  • Advising on treatment programs available and arranging early access.

  • Assisting in the development of safe and successful return to work programs as part of the recovery process.

  • Reducing the costs paid in premiums and rating programs by speeding up helpful tests, treatments and appointments.

  • Providing businesses with the tools and advice needed to effectively manage workplace absenteeism.

  • Offering advice on prevention and wellness strategies.

  • Helping employers to recognize the importance of wellness, the duty to accommodate and strong workplace cultures.

  • Facilitating training on process and skills.

  • Providing representation during the process.

Why choose CIMS?